November Newsletter

Greetings all members and parents!

We now have some details for the in-house sparring tournament on Sunday, November 28:




The entrance fee is $20 and is payable to the S.M.A.A. either by cheque or cash only. Deadline to register is Saturday November 27 at 12:00 p.m. We will have students come at staggered times to alleviate the parking lot mayhem and allow for better seating for spectators: There is no admission fee and you are welcome to bring lawn chairs, however they will not be allowed on the mats. The concession will be open upstairs (as always) and will have variety of snacks and drinks available.

We will have all students gather on the asphalt by the gym area and we will organize the divisions from there.

A copy of the point sparring rules is at the bottom of this email and is also posted on the bulletin board at the dojo.


With the temperature change, the front door tends not to close very well. PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE, endeavour to make sure it closes behind you. It is appreciated very much to keep the cold air out and the warm air in!




We have booked the Lakewood Civic Centre for Sunday December 12 for our swim party in the afternoon. More details will come as well as a sign up sheet will be put up on Dec 1.


A couple of students that live in the University Area would like to attend Kickboxing classes (KB1) but do not have a vehicle and are wondering if there is anybody that can give them a ride. Please contact the office if you are interested in sharing some costs and can offer help in this regard.


We are asking everyone do their part in helping keep our facility clean inside and out. We are finding an increased amount of litter in the parking lot and near the main entrance from individuals not taking responsibility for their garbage and leaving it for our cleaning staff. Individuals that choose to smoke, please find an appropriate place to get rid of your cigarettes, preferably in your vehicle ashtray!!! Thank You!

As always, please forward any questions or concerns to me or any of the instructors. Any feedback (whether positive or negative) is always appreciated.


I remain yours in the Martial Arts,

Sensei Anita Dutka
Operations Manager, Scheer's Martial Arts
Sec-Treasurer, Saskatoon Martial Arts Association (S.M.A.A.)


Scheer’s In-House Point Sparring Regulations

(adapted from the official SMAA rules (sec Edition 1990))

A) Appropriate wear: May wear a t-shirt instead of the Gi top, but it must be a club T-shirt.

B) Time limit

Matches will have a 2 min time limit or will end when the 1st competitor gets to 5 points. This is a race – don’t be left behind. (Please note the official SMAA rules state that the match will end either at the time limit or when there is a 5 point spread)

If at the end of the two minute period both contestants have scored the same number of points, the winner shall be determined in sudden death overtime.

C) Scoring:

1) Points shall be given for clean, direct controlled blows, both to the body and head. There will be no contact allowed to the face.

2) Techniques must be clean and free of any sloppiness to award a point. (The point will be legitimate if it was executed by a competitor who was not falling down at the time, and who did not fall down because of improper or unbalanced execution after it had struck the opponent.)

3) Both feet must be in the ring to score with a punch. The supporting leg of a kicking technique must be in the ring to score with a kick.

4) Points are awarded by the centre referee.

5) A point may be awarded during a rapid exchange of techniques, or flurry, provided one contestant’s technique contains enough clarity of focus to turn the exchange in his/her favour.

6) Whenever a contestant drops to the floor, the referee will allow 3 seconds for one contestant to score.

7) A contestant may only leave the ring during the progress of a match when driven out-of-bounds from physical contact with his/her attacking opponent, or when chasing a retreating opponent. The referee will issue three warnings to a contestant for the infraction of this rule. For every infraction thereafter, the referee will award one point to the contestant’s opponent.

8) Target areas:From directly above the groin up to the head excluding shoulder/hip areas. Foot sweeps (boot to boot) from back of foot are allowed in a controlled manner to create openings only and not to throw the contestant.

9) Illegal techniques:


The referee will issue one warning to the contestant for committing a foul which, in the opinion of the officials was accidental and did not cause serious injury. One point will be awarded to the fouled contestant. A second foul during the regulation time will result in the offending contestant’s disqualification.