Western Plains Open

Scheer’s 2012 Western Plains Open Martial Arts Championship


Greetings fellow Martial Artists & Instructors!

Once again, this year’s tournament will be held at Walter Murray Collegiate, 1905 Preston Ave., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7J 2E7 on April 21st, 2012

Please save the date Saturday April 21st, 2012 and consider this email your personal invitation to the Scheer's Martial Arts Western Plains Open in Saskatoon at Walter Murray Collegiate on April 21st, 2012. Unfortunately April 28th wasn't available due to school conflict but I hope with the Spring Break being the week of April 9th everyone is able to make it out for the week after!

Please see the attached Adobe Acrobat PDF for all the information on our upcoming tournament, including a division list, registration form, and the rules for our Youth Grappling Division (ages 5-15)!

I'll mail a reminder out shortly before the tournament with any updates or changes, but in the meantime, please pass along this invitation to any Martial Artists I may have missed, or email me with any questions or concerns.

Thank you and all the best,


Scheer’s Western Plains Open Grappling: For Students that are 15 years old and younger Rules and Division


He/she must be thoroughly knowledgeable in understanding, interpreting and administering all aspects of the rules. This can only be accomplished through diligent study of the rule book and actual physical training under competition conditions. Officiating shall be considered a prestigious position and only those who have diligently studied and trained are to be considered and accepted as experts in the field of rule etiquette.



  1. Each player must present him/herself suitably attired in a clean, traditional martial arts gi (uniform) with sleeves no more than one fist distance up the arm from the wrist (a jiu-jitsu or judo top is recommended). If a player's uniform becomes bloodied or torn in a manner that may affect the outcome of the match, he/she will be asked to replace it immediately or forfeit the match.
  2. All jewellery (rings, watches, necklaces, etc.) must be removed.
  3. Wearing of eye glasses during competition is prohibited
  4. Competitors may be required to wear a coloured flag or belt during the actual match for identification purposes
  5. All competitors must be suitably attired with proper safety equipment, (see article 2)


Mouthguards and for male competitors, safety cups are optional.


The competition surface must have proper floor matting with suitable thickness to accommodate throws. Matting must be laid flat and held secure. Any seams or tears must be covered with suitable tape. The contest area itself shall be no less than 16 X 16 foot square, and no more than 20 X 20 foot square, and there should be a safety border around the fighting area.


Medical personnel shall be available at all times and easily recognizable. A chief referee and arbitrator will be appointed prior to the beginning of the tournament.

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