One on One



Not sure which martial art is right for you? Or maybe you just want to have a head start in the program that interests you?

This is the first step to an enjoyable training experience. Our One on One Private & Semi Private intro classes will get you moving in the right direction.

Do the class on your own, or with a friend!! You will learn One on One, with an instructor, at a pace suitable for you.

Our experienced instructors will take you step by step through the basic movements of the martial art you have chosen. Once you have established a basic foundation you will feel more comfortable moving into the various group classes.

What do I need for the Intro Class?

Comfortable work out cloths, water bottle, and the desire to learn!

Do I have to do the class by myself?

No, a lot of friends join and take the class together. Many couples also find it’s a great way to get in shape and spend time together.

How do I Start?

Call us, come down for a tour of our new facility, then you can sit down with one of our helpful staff and arrange a time that best works for you!

Call us Today!!!

664-3677 or 244-5655

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