Zen Combat System

The Zen Combat System is the “Way of the modern Warrior”. This reality based combat system has a primary focus on personal self defense applications. This system encompasses the most effective techniques and principles from various arts which enable its practitioner to adapt and apply the most functional defensive and offensive tactics in any given situation.

Not bound by tradition the Zen Combat System focuses on developing an individuals Core defense principals based on their own personal body type, strengths and attributes. Women and men of all ages and physical abilities will benefit from this straight forward form of self defense. Instinctive and easy to learn we will teach you to survive a multitude of dangerous life threatening situations. As your confidence and technical base grows, you will have all the tools, principals and concepts needed to survive most violent encounters.

This program should not be confused with other formal arts that base their tactics on sport driven applications.

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Scheer's Martial Arts also offers an accelerated, short term program of the Zen Combat System called Hands Off.

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