X-1 Boxing

Scheer’s X-1 Boxing is the core striking element of our Boxing fundamentals used in our RingShark MMA/Muay Thai System. We have isolated the boxing and clinch portion of our program allowing the student to gain a real grasp of the system and allow them to take their fighting skills to a new level.

X-1 Boxing combines the best of Olympic/Western Boxing with what has now become known as Dirty boxing in MMA circles along with the unique elements Muay Thai’s clinch and limb destruction techniques using the Elbows and Knee’s, and of course we did not forget the Ground and Pound, learning how to strike a downed opponent and not put yourself in danger is a skill all in its own! This is a vital skill for all aspiring MMA athletes.

The class will focus on 2 primary elements, fundamental partner work, building the foundation of your basic strikes in offensive and defensive format.

The second is circuit training, sharpening the tools & strategies you have learned. In a short time, your cardio and technique will grow together and take you to the next level.

Time to sharpen your game! Knuckle up!!

Equipment required:

  • 16 oz Boxing Gloves or 14oz for women for partner work.
  • Optional MMA or Bag gloves
  • Towel &Water bottle

Additional equipment needed once student is approved for sparring:

  • Head Gear
  • Mouth Piece
  • Groin protection (Optional)

Note: This class is a fast track to our competitive programs, Partner contact, and sparring drills are used on a regular basis. Once the student has a good grasp of the fundamentals and can perform the drills with good technique the instructor will recommend the student get the appropriate equipment to partake in sparring.

At the instructors discretion he may also recommend you attending the additional sparring classes help on Fridays and Sundays.

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