Muay Thai Kickboxing

Muay Thai Kickboxing is considered by many as the "King of the Ring" when it comes to the stand-up fighting arts. Muay Thai’s straight forward approach has proven it self effective time and time again, first on the battlefields, and now as Thailand's national sport. More recently Thai Boxing has shown its effectiveness as one of the primary disciplines in Mixed Martial Arts/Ultimate fighting. Muay Thai Kickboxing boxing employs a variety of punching and kicking techniques at middle to long ranges. While in close range, various knee and elbow strikes and throws are used to control the opponent.

Whether practiced competitively or recreationally, this highly exciting form of kickboxing can transform your physique through various levels of training. Muay Thai has been used for centuries to build strength, endurance, power of concentration, self-confidence and self-discipline.

Kru Troy Scheer was certified under Grandmaster Thosaphon Sitawatjana better know as Grandmaster Toddy in 1997. Since then our program has produced many successful Champions including 1 World Title holder, 3 Canadian Title holders, 3 Western Canadian Title holders, 4 Provincial Title holders and 5 WKA Canadian Golden Glove Champions. We are constantly trying to improve our program and take our students to the next level and through doing so, bring you the student, the best training possible.

Scheer’s Muay Thai Kickboxing program is exciting, fun, safe and easy to learn. We offer co-ed classes for both Men and Women, and ladies if you are a bit shy, check out our Women’s only classes.

All of our instructors are highly trained professionals who want to help you reach your goals!! Whether your goals are fitness oriented or you would like to take things to the next level and compete, we will help you get there!!

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