March 26, 2012 Newletter

GREETINGS all members and students!

CONGRATULATIONS to all participants in the in-house grappling tournament as well as the recent out-of-town tournaments.  Check out the wall of fame to see your name in print!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU AND THANK YOU!!! To all those who volunteered at the in-house grappling tournament.  Your help is the reason why our tournaments are successful.



Please remember that participating in tournaments is not only a valuable experience for all ages/disciplines/skill levels but also will earn competition stripes for the youth programs.  The SMAA also refunds $50 for participating in out-of-town tournaments.


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! This tournament is put on by the non-profit Saskatoon Martial Arts Association (SMAA) and once again we call upon parents and adult students to volunteer their time.  If you volunteer for the scorekeeping and/or timekeeping we will be running a ½ hour training session on Thursday April 12 at 5:30 and at 6:00.  There will be some goodies available courtesy of the provincial Saskatchewan Martial Arts Association.

PRE-REGISTRATION: SMAA board members will be on hand to accept pre-registration on Wed, Apr 11th and Thurs, Apr 12th from 6:00 p.m. until 7:00.  If you preregister on these days, your name will be entered in a draw for a free T-shirt.  Tournament T-shirts and hoodies will also be available for sale at this time. 

SUPPORT the SMAA by buying - T-shirts $20 – Hoodies $30.  Once these are sold there will be no others.

Please remember the Saskatoon Martial Arts Association (SMAA) is a non-profit organization that raises funds from tournament proceeds as well as from the T-shirt and hoodie sales.  If you missed the annual general meeting for the SMAA and would like more information on this non-profit entity, please contact any of the Board members:  Stephen McLeod, president, Anita Dutka, Sec-Treasurer, Troy Scheer, Dwight Scheer, Roger Giason, Rebecca Lizee, Roy Sondershausen, Michelle Houlden, Michael Robin, Jen Sheasby, and our newest board member, Laura Orenchuk.


Saturday April 21

At Walter Murray Collegiate (Taylor St & Preston Ave)

Preregistration will be accepted at Scheer’s at any time before the tournament.  On tournament day  - Registration starts at 8:45 a.m.

Time:  Opening ceremonies start at 10:00 a.m. and will go until finished

Events:  Grappling, Hard and Soft Style Kata, Weapons Kata, Musical Kata, Point Sparring, Light Contact Kickboxing,   - PLEASE NOTE THAT ONLY ONE MATCH IS GUARANTEED.  There are no “B” sides.

Sanctioned by the Saskatchewan Martial Arts Association.

Entry fee (payable to the SMAA by cash or cheque only) $40 for all events.

Spectator Admission:  $5 and ages 12 and under are free


Watch for the new schedule coming for July and August! 


Good luck to all competitors and happy training!

Anita Dutka